Feedback Army - Now Closed

Feedback Army is now closed! Feedback Army was a website review service. The site started operations November 2008. The site was shut down October 2016. Eight years is a good run for any site!

Looking for an alternative? Check out these sites: Note: I do not have experience with the above sites. I'm not vouching for them one way or the other. But, do check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm getting a lot of questions about Feedback Army. I'll take a few moments to answer them here.

Why did you shut Feedback Army down?

Feedback Army is and always was a side project. Today, I run another business that demands my full time and attention. I can't justify the time spent to operate Feedback Army, provide customer service, and make (needed) improvements to this site. I finally decided to shut the site down. I've considered doing this for nearly two years now.

Was Feedback Army profitable?

Yes. Feedback Army was side project profitable. For me, this side project was a lot more than its profit. It taught me a lot about running an online business. These lessons learned were invaluable. In that sense, I've extracted immense value from this site. I'm happy with this outcome.

Will you sell or transition Feedback Army?

I'm not interested in selling Feedback Army or transitioning it to another party.

Why don't you want to sell or give away Feedback Army?

The Feedback Army website is written in a custom web stack. I wrote the application server and the programming language that powered Feedback Army. If I were to sell or transition the site, it would be impossible to do this without providing technical support to the buyer. I do not have the time or interest to provide this type of support.

What about selling the domain?

I'm not interested in selling the domain. It's prepaid for several years. I plan to hold onto it.

About Feedback Army

Would you like to learn more about the side project that was Feedback Army? Here's a few resources:

Closing Words

I'd like to thank Feedback Army's clients. There were many of you who made use of this site regularly over the course of the past 8 years. I know who you are and I greatly appreciate your willingness to do business with me. I'd also like to thank the community of Turkers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk Web Service. I greatly appreciate your efforts helping us make our sites better.

-- Raphael Mudge (6 November 2016)

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